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Interesting articles on MySpace. I have mixed feelings about the usefulness of MySpace and other blogs. Utilization by libraries and other institutions for feedback, info sharing on specific and related topics is great. My concerns are for those who spend hours blogging and saying nothing of any importance. Blogs can be a great creative outlet but as a social network it probably should not be a teens' (or anyones') only outlet for social contact; someday they are going to have to face another human being and show off their interpersonal skills. Being an old gal I just don't want to hang out at the mall (virtual or otherwise) and gossip with my friends anymore!!

You're right Pam, myspace should be one of many tools libraries use to make contact with their patrons, no one avenue will reach everyone.
Having set up an account for the library learning lesson, I'm not sure I will ever update My Space again, nor spend much time there. I already have a couple web sites to update, and as a social outlet, this just isn't my thing. Having said that, I have no problem with the library having a presence there. To each their own.
Hi Pam,

I'm not sure I'll ever update my Myspace page either. I did receive a request to add someone as a friend that didn't use their real name and I couldn't tell from their website who it is either. Hhhmm, a little scary, but just in case it's a staff member, I added them. I'll just have to wait and see what kind of stuff shows up.
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